The Biodiversity Research Consortium

The Biodiversity Research Consortium was formed in 1993 to develop databases and analytical methods for assessing and managing risks to biological diversity. The principal goal is to allow for a scientifically defensible national assessment of priorities for habitat and biodiversity protection.

Recognizing that the loss of biodiversity can be effectively addressed only through the cooperation of interested parties, the Consortium seeks to develop a management strategy that recognizes the complexities of interacting ecological systems with multiple stresses and multiple owners.

Our proposal is to develop a supportive management strategy through an analytical approach that identifies mutually supportive relationships between science and policy formulation and implementation in the three areas of risk assessment, risk management, and environmental monitoring and evaluation.

Though management of biodiversity is likely to take place at the state and local levels, priorities for management need to be identified nationally. Viewing biogeographic regions as compound ecological units composed of interacting ecosystem components will help avoid the pitfall that protections instituted at the local level are not later undermined by cumulative effects. In addition, this approach will allow cost-effective targeting of more intensive diagnostic and remediation research.

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