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Websites Related to the Mojave Desert Project

The following websites are currently being used by the research team to learn more about the Mojave desert, acquire data, and establish contacts among the natural resource agencies and local communities in the project area. If you have any suggestions for addtional sites, please email Matt Stevenson at

Mojave and Related Sites

Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program
Mojave Interactive Map Composer
Fort Irwin Node Mojave Desert Ecosystem Project
California Gap Analysis Program
Land Use Planning Information Network (LUPIN)
California Environmental Resources Evaluation System
California Geographic Information Association
Some California Demographic Information
Northern and Eastern Mojave Planning Effort (NEMO)
Draft Environmental Impact Statement and General Management Plan for the Mojave National Preserve
Draft Environmental Impact Statement and General Management Plan for Death Valley National Park

Local Governments in and Around the Mojave

Virtual Barstow
Fresno County
Council of Fresno County Governments
Inyo County Planning Department Homepage
Kern Council of Governments (Kern COG)
Los Angeles County Home Page
Mono Lake
Riverside County
Riverside County Planning Department
County of San Bernardino
County of San Diego Web Site
San Diego Association of Governments
Southern California Association of Governments
City of Tulare Home Page
Ventura County Government Information Page.
Ventura County Resource Management Agency
City of Victorville
Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia, Barstow, Adelanto

Mojave Science

California Vascular Plants, search page
Cartographic Links for Botanists
Earth Science data on the Global Land Information System
Mojave Desert Heritage & Cultural Association
Plant Communities Of The Transverse Ranges
Mojave National Preserve

Data Sources

CIESIN-SEDAC's DDCartogram: GIS Format Conversion Service
Census Bureau Cartographic Boundary Files
Economic Data
PUMS Home Page
Appendix: GAP Analysis Metadata Standards
Alphabetical List of Web Resources Available Through ICE (Information Center for the Environment - ICE)
Earth Science data on the Global Land Information System
USGS: Geo Data
LUPIN Information by Geographic Area
Data Sources
Spatial Data
California Gap Analysis Project: Download Data
MDEI Data and Links


California Urban and Biodiversity Analysis Model
Envision Utah
UrbanSim Home
PRISM (Puget Sound Regional Synthesis Model) Home


Mojave Desert Ecosystem study by U.S. Geological Survey
SDTS Home Page
National Gap Analysis Program


BLM Home Page
BLM Spatial Data Home Page
California BLM Home Page
Nevada BLM Home Page
Arizona BLM Home Page
Utah BLM Home Page

National Park Service

Death Valley NP
Mojave National Preserve
Joshua Tree NP


U.S. Geological Survey
Biological Resources Division - USGS
Index of USGS Web Servers
Internet Resources
Availability of USGS Geospatial Data & Aerial Photography Products
EROS home page
USGS Geospatial Data & Information Products
USGS National Mapping Information: Home Page
SDTS Home Page
DLG Status Graphics
USGS getcover - huc250k
Breeding Bird Survey-96.2
Cartographic Data
USDOC/NOAA/NESDIS/National Geophysical Data Center
World Data Center Home Page
NOAAServer: Data and Information Details
USGS: Geo Data
USGS -- Water Resources of the United States
Links to Environmental Information & Data - GIS Links
State Geologic Surveys
National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse Server Node
Environmental Impact Analysis Data Links
Environment, USGS
FGDC Vegetation Subcommittee Home Page
PWRC Monitoring Program
Outside Sources


Welcome to the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Homepage
ORD ScienceNet
USEPA: Sustainable Ecosystems and Communties
Sustainable Development
Forest Land Distribution Data for the United States
EMAP-Agricultural Lands
EMAP Home Page
Part One: Large-Scale Ecosystem Protection Efforts

GIS/Remote Sensing

NCGIA Home Page
Managed Areas Database
STARTING THE HUNT: Guide to Mostly On-line and Mostly Free U.S. Geospatial and Attribute Data
MRLC Homepage
MESC Software Products
Our Software Archive for Windows GIS Share- Freeware
Ecological and Environmental Software-RAMAS Risk Analysis
Creating a Monitoring Program:
Biological Computing & Software
FGDC Manual of Federal Geographic Data Products - Table of Contents
The LUHNA (Land Use History of North America) Project: Land Use as an Ecological Variable
Available Digital Geospatial Data and Metadata
CGC Web Page
IP/GIS Datasets
RSL World Wide Web (WWW)...
RS/GIS Sites (U.S. Government)
Ocean Remote Sensing Group Home Page
Color Landform Atlas of the United States
Welcome to the Green Map System
ARC/INFO tutorial Home Page

Forest Service

USDA Forest Service Home Page
Comittee of Scientists: Mission
The National Agricultural Library
The USDA Research Database
Baileys' Eco-Regions (July 1995)
Table of Contents-Ecological Subregions of the United States
Ecological Stewardship Workshop
The National Agricultural Library
Caring For The Land
Databases, Graphics and Software
FIA Database Retrieval System
Forest Land Distribution Data for the United States
State and Territory Information
Riverside Fire Lab
WO-Research HomePage
Return Home