What the Critics Say About Jasper

10 Mar 1997 from [name witheld]@peak.org

"What's this about smoke filled? Just admit it, you're in a hallway on the way to a forgotten broom closet. They've got instruments back there that are almost an archeology project. The real feat in all this is that you are using an IBM and actually accomplishing things without a thin blue tie. :-)"

21 Mar 1997 from [name witheld]@teleport.com

"Okay, Jasper, let's talk about how much time you *do* have on your hands! You want the *truth* about Jasper? This is the guy surrounded by things he professes (he's a professor, too? Oh no!) to dislike intensely. He has the Macintosh Apple tatooed over his heart and the IBM logo appliqued, well, you don't want to know! He claims to drink coffee, but it is actually an Inka and potash blend that he brews in his secret lab (you know, the one that's on the way to his office). Just look a bit deeper and you'll see the truth...beyond that nose (if you can venture that far). And I'll bet his office hours really start much earlier!"