The Truth About Jasper

Jasper was developed in a smoke-filled back room in the Geosciences Department of Oregon State University as a spin-off of the Terra Cognita Project and too much Sumatra Gayo Mountain coffee. Originally intended as a good excuse to play with learn about and demonstrate Web tools, it became apparent that implementation of Jasper might actually help sustain the author's intended laziness and fondness for opaque beverages.

Code-named PageBuilder during the design phase, a name that smacks of all of the originality of William Shatner's acting except without the need for a hair-piece, Jasper was the first name of a fictional professor whose web page was used to prototype and test the early programs. If you are really curious and have way too much time on your hands, you can see his web page here.

As if further testament against heavy drinking were needed, this time ArizonaTM Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey, the name Jasper was suggested by a co-conspirator, as an alternative to PageBuilder. Seizing the chance to kiss up to co-workers, I used the opportunity to quietly relinquish PageBuilder to the history books, along with other failed product names like Barfy Brand Dog Biscuits, Dead-Eye BB Guns, and Spam.

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