Jasper Help for Login Form

Jasper is a program that allows you to create your own web page simply by filling out a series of forms. While the output of Jasper is a page tailored for departmental use, you can save the resulting HTML code to any location you choose, and then edit it and use it as you like.

Jasper needs a UserId and Password because it stores your information in a database so you can add to it or change it whenever you wish. If you want to use Jasper, you must first obtain a UserId and Password by contacting me, Larry E. Hughes at http://bufo.geo.orst.edu/tc/mail or by phone at 737-2532.

To use the Login Form, type your UserId and Password into the appropriate boxes and then press the Log-In button. UserIds and Passwords are case-sensitive and are limited to eight (8) characters in length. They may be a combination of letters, numbers, and the underscore character.

The buttons at the bottom of the Login Form are: